Treasure Island is based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. A young lad, Jim Hawkins, is given a treasure map. His friends Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney charter a boat and are off in search of buried treasure. Unbeknownst to them, the crew are actually pirates just waiting for the moment to steal the boat and treasure. They are led by Long John Silver, a one-legged man who has deceived Jim Hawkins into thinking he is just an honest cook. The movie is full of fighting, double-crossing, and buried treasure.

Overall the movie is good but it just made me realize I do not enjoy movies that are older than me. The only reason I rented the movie is because I am working through a current Disney obsession. I read that Disney based the Pirates of the Caribbean ride on this movie. And in turn the Pirate of the Caribbean trilogy was based on the ride. I was curious on the how this whole Pirate craze started so I rented the movie. The movie satisfied my curiosity. I really don’t even want to say anything bad about the movie because for the 1950’s, the movie was excellent. It would be unfair to compare it to current movies which have bigger budgets and better computer graphics and fight scene choreographers.

The movie did make me ponder the age old question: which came first: The pirate or the fast food restaurant. Seriously I couldn’t stop laughing as soon as Robert Newton introduced himself as Long John Silver. After getting over my sudden craving for fried fish, I wondered how many times Geoffrey Rush watched this movie in preparation for his role as Captain Barbossa. Long John Silver sounds exactly like Captain Barbossa. Plus they both love apples.

I can definitely see where Disney got their inspiration for the Pirates ride. There is a great scene of Hawkins hiding in the apple barrel. That scene is replayed in the Disney ride with originally a woman hiding from the pirates and then changed to Jack Sparrow hiding from other pirates. In the end Long John Silver gets the gold and rides off in a little dingy with a very small sail. As he sails off into the sunset, I am reminded of the ending of the third pirate movie. The trilogy ends with Jack Sparrow sailing off in a little dingy with his treasure map. The ending is identical to the ending of Treasure Island, a fitting tribute to a classic movie.

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