The Queen Anne’s Revenge

We do not have to announce one of the most famous vessels from the history of the seven seas, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Just the name of Blackbeard’s notorious ship was enough to scare even the fiercest seamen, so it’s no wonder it is still a legend.

Even though this frigate was never meant to be a pirate ship, she did serve her captain Edward Teach, A.K.A. Blackbeard, faithfully, if shortly.

At the beginning

Originally, this 200-ton ship’s name was Concord and it began its journey in Bristol in 1710. However, it did not even take a year for the French to capture this vessel, turn it into a slave ship, and have it sail under the name La Concorde de Nantes.

In 1717, captain Blackbeard took this ship and gave it a name that everyone knows of – Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Why that name?

Interestingly, the ship’s name comes from the fact that before its captain became a pirate, he was a privateer in Queen Anne’s war against the French. For years he had to watch as both sides raid one another for booty and land mercilessly, and this is probably when Edward chose to become a pirate.

The adventures of the Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Queen Anne's Revenge

After Blackbeard took this ship, he gave it a lot of weapons. With 40 cannons on it, the Queen Anne’s Revenge finally became a real pirate warship. Captain Blackbeard took this opportunity to spread fear across the seas.

The Queen Anne’s revenge had a crew of 280 tough men, and fearsome equipment. It very quickly became one of the most feared ships to ever sail the North American and Caribbean waters.

During his voyages, Blackbeard met Captain Stede Bonnet, who became his partner in crime. These two had over 300 men and were able to terrorize the maritime world. In the following months, Queen Anne’s Revenge became notorious as Blackbeard would sail and plunder supplies, food weapons and anything of value he could find all over the Atlantic Ocean in this ship.

In 1718, Blackbeard chose to use the Queen Anne’s Revenge to seize the port of Charleston. After that, he went to five ships to get the loot and then ran his ship ashore.

The damage done to Queen Anne’s Revenge was irreparable as an underwater sandbar broke through the hull of this ship.

The sad end of a legendary vessel

Even though it might sound like an accident, many historians are certain that the infamous Blackbeard did this on purpose. Captain Blackbeard knew these waters well, as he took off from that same coast only one year before. Destroying this ship might have been his intention. It did cause the deaths of some of his crew which would increase his share of the fortune. If nothing, it’s a very cruel retirement plan, and it sounds just like something this captain would have done.

The Queen Anne’s Revenge sank there, near the coast of North Carolina. No one knew about it until a private research firm would manage to discover it in 1997, under only 28 feet of water. Marine archaeologists have been bringing up artifacts from it ever since it was found.

Unfortunately, there is still no word about the biggest part of Blackbeard’s lost treasure that has been an inspiration for treasure hunters for ages.

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